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Anthony is the King of Collie

Anthony King has stormed home to win the opening round of the 2017/2018 GWN7 WA Modified Sedan Series held last night at the Quit Collie Speedway.

King defeated Calon Ball and Adam Houston in the main event with the Modified Sedans turning on a great spectacle throughout the evening at the South West venue.

Ten Modified Sedans were on hand for the opening round of the series with five time series champion Aydan Trewern suffering mechanical problems in hot laps which put him out for the rest of the night.

Modified Sedan rookie Bill Penn made best use of his front row start to win the opening heat of the night from the fast finishing Branden Fraser and Calon Ball. Anthony King suffered steering damage forcing him to retire from the first heat.

Veteran Adam Houston drove a brilliant race to win the second heat of the night from Ball and Broome’s Ray Clifton. Kim Williams retired from heat two with mechanical problems putting him out for the rest of the night in his Love’s Bus Service Holden Commodore.

Adam Houston, photo by Fastlane Photography

Anthony King bounced back in heat three finding a way past Branden Fraser to win the race with Calon Ball continuing his consistent night to finish third.

Branden Fraser

As the cars came on to the track for the Totally Independent Tyre Service Top Six Shootout rain began to fall at the venue with the event being a very hurried affair.

King advanced all the way from position five to claim pole position for the main event with the rain continuing to get heavier as the shootout was in progress.

Calon Ball would get the initial jump in the feature race leading the early laps as the rain stopped just prior to the start of the race. King hounded the back bumper of the Ball Body Builders Commodore in front of him for many laps with Ball running wide on lap six to hand the lead to King.

Shane Dubberlin retired early in the event with the seven remaining cars all circulating in close proximity to one another.

On lap eleven Allan Mortimer came to a stop on the race track in turn four with a flat right rear tyre which forced the first stoppage of the race. Branden Fraser also retired from the race on the same lap with steering damage to his Falcon.

Ray Clifton spun on the first lap after the restart causing the second and final stoppage of the main event.

King held on to record his first round victory of the GWN7 WA Modified Sedan series from Ball, Houston, Penn and Clifton.

The next round of the 2017/2018 GWN7 WA Modified Sedan Series will be held at Attwell Park Speedway in Albany on Saturday 20th January 2018 and will double as the Southpoint Panel & Paint Shootout.

Official Results

Heat One- Ten Laps: 1. 57 Bill Penn, 2. 2 Branden Fraser, 3. 8 Calon Ball, 4. 73 Ray Clifton, 5. 18 Adam Houston, 6. 74 Allan Mortimer, 7. 47 Shane Dubberlin, 8. 33 Kim Williams, DNF 51 Anthony King, DNS 12 Aydan Trewern

Heat Two-Ten Laps: 1. 18 Adam Houston, 2. 8 Calon Ball, 3. 73 Ray Clifton, 4. 74 Allan Mortimer, 5. 51 Anthony King 6. 57 Bill Penn, 7. 2 Branden Fraser,  8. 47 Shane Dubberlin, DNF 33 Kim Williams (7 Laps) DNS 12 Aydan Trewern

Heat Three Ten Laps: 1. 51 Anthony King, 2. 2 Branden Fraser, 3. 8 Calon Ball, 4. 74 Allan Mortimer, 5. 18 Adam Houston, 6. 57 Bill Penn, 7. 73 Ray Clifton, 8. 47 Shane Dubberlin, DNS 33 Kim Williams, 12 Aydan Trewern

Totally Independent Tyre Service Shootout Winner Anthony King

Feature Race- Fifteen Laps: 1. W51 Anthony King, 2. W8 Calon Ball, 3. W18 Adam Houston, 4. W57 Bill Penn, 5. W73 Ray Cliffton, DNF W74 Allan Mortimer (11 Laps), W2 Branden Fraser (11 Laps), W47 Shane Dubberlin (2 Laps), DNS W33 Kim Williams W12 Aydan Trewern

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