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Batley Wins at Ellenbrook

Article Courtesy of DTN Media

James Batley has today claimed his first win in the Forma-tel Late Model Development Series at Ellenbrook Speedway with a great performance.

Batley was consistent throughout the day, claiming a second, a fifth and a fourth in his heats before putting in an awesome first lap move to grab the lead on the opening lap.

From here he led every lap, racing away from the impressive Pat Van Brakel in the feature, with Warren Oldfield sneaking past Ken Melvin in the dying stage for third.

The hard luck story of the day would be Alec Melvin, who in the opening heat opened up a massive gap on the rest of the field only to have a plume of white smoke emit from his bonnet as he came to greet the white flag, seeing him head infield and ending his day.


A number of other competitors would also suffer issues throughout the day that would see the eleven original starters drop to just six cars to take the green in the feature.

The next round of the Forma-tel Development Series will again be at the Ellenbrook Speedway, this time on the 25th of June, 2017.

Release by DTN Media.
Photo Courtesy SSD.

Official Results

Heat One – 8 laps: 1. 51 Warren Oldfield, 2. 6 James Batley, 3. 42 Ken Melvin, 4. 48 Nathan Callaghan, 5. 60 Jayden Meckenstock, 6. 31 Pat Van Brakel, 7. 24 Mick Clune. DNF: 96 Clint Marriott (7), 2 Rob Wells (6), 45 Chris Ferguson (6), 88 Alec Melvin (6).

Heat Two – 8 laps: 1. 42 Ken Melvin, 2. 31 Pat Van Brakel, 3. 51 Warren Oldfield, 4. 24 Mick Clune, 5. 6 James Batley, 6. 60 Jayden Meckenstock, 7. 48 Nathan Callaghan, 8. 2 Rob Wells. DNS: 45 Chris Ferguson, 88 Alec Melvin, 96 Clint Marriott.

Heat Three – 8 laps: 1. Pat Van Brakel, 2. Ken Melvin, 3. Nathan Callaghan, 4. James Batley. DNF: 24 Mick Clune (2). DNS: 2 Rob Wells, 45 Chris Ferguson, 51 Warren Oldfield, 60 Jayden Meckenstock, 88 Alec Melvin, 96 Clint Marriott.

Feature – 15 laps: 1. 6 James Batley, 2. 31 Pat Van Brakel, 3. 51 Warren Oldfield, 4. 42 Ken Melvin, 5. 48 Nathan Callaghan, 6. 2 Rob Wells. DNS: 24 Mick Clune, 45 Chris Ferguson, 60 Jayden Meckenstock, 88 Alec Melvin, 96 Clint Marriott.

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