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Bradley Short the Junior Sedan Champion at the Far Westerns

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Bradley Short has today put in one of the most consistent drivers of his Junior Sedans career to grab the win in the Far Western Championships at Shark Bay Speedway.

Short would start off the front row alongside Izzac Delaporte, with Short getting the early lead. Behind him Alex Swift would suddenly split the middle and pass Delaporte to move into second place.

Seth Hinsey would then enter the fray, battling with Delaporte, the two leaning on each other through turns one and two over the next few lap.

Delaporte and Hinsey would touch again coming out of the main straight, then again entering turn one, seeing Delaporte slide across infield, cutting the corner and rejoining without even losing a spot.

Unfortunately for Delaporte, he then had a half lose a few laps later, lucky to be missed by the rest of the field and dropping back to fifth.,

Mitchell Baker was next to have a moment, this time in turn two and was just missed by Delaporte and Rohan Thomas as he spun, bringing on the yellows with six complete for the first and only time of the race.

The restart saw Short again holding strong, moving away from Swift while Delaporte and Hinsey once again began their battle and continued to swap positions.

Baker would spin once again but managed to keep going, getting lapped shortly after and then becoming the only retiree of the race as he headed infield on lap eleven.

Up front though it was all Short as he raced away to a big win, crossing the line some 8.7 seconds ahead of Swift and Hinsey and pumping the air as he crossed the line.

Junior Sedan Feature Race – 20 laps: 1. W19 Bradley Short, 2. W7 Alex Swift, 3. W66 Seth Hinsey, 4. W88 Izaac Delaporte, 5. W47 Rohan Thomas. DNF: W9 Mitchell Baker (11). DNS: W16 Alicia Short, W48 Brock Reid. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 8.730. Fastest Lap: 20.084 W19 Bradley Short.

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