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Bumper Fields For Collie Finale

Big fields of Speedway Sedans will be featured at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway Tomorrow Evening during the season finale for the Coalfields venue.

The annual Bill Sibbald King of the Road for Production Sedans and Street Stock Classic will headline the race meeting with both main events to be held over forty laps.

Ethan Genev will be one to watch in the Street Stock Field

Junior Sedans will contest the Prince of the Road event with the Race of Champions also on the program.

Production Sedan competition will take on extra significance with the SSWA Production Sedan State Title only a fortnight away.

Racing from 5pm.

Race of Champions (12)
WA1 Barry Rose
VIC1 Beau Riley
3 Frank Does
7 Mick Hamon
12 Rod Musarra
13 Drew Ogle
15 Wayne Thomson
26 Dayne Kingshott
41 Nuno Mendez
51 Jamie Olfield
71 Darren Blight
86 Jason Oldfield

New Star Juniors (9)
17 Jack McGaffin
25 Alyvia Ferraro
33 Olivia Smith
40 Vince Lindsay
43 Jorja Davies
44 Jaidyn Turner
49 Jasmin Kennedy
66 Possum Lawrence
133 Lexie Smith

Top Star Juniors (7)
9 Ziggy Phillips
11 Erin Fraser
15 Matthew Thomson
26 Rory Elsum-Beaumont
42 Nathan Carter
66 Seth Hinsey
198 Brandon Buszan

Street Stock (21)
4 Ethan Genev
5 Jeff Rogers
7 Mick Hamon
7 Josh Martinelli
10 Damon Thomson
11 Greg Hall
15 Wayne Thomson
16 Colin Metcalfe
21 Evan Wakefield
26 David Padmore
31 Cody Avins
38 Trevor Dace
43 Josh Davies
44 Brodie Dunn
47 Ray Rick
55 Jazzie Lawrence
69 Paul Joss
70 Scott Hunter
83 Daniel Ameduri
88 Linton Dickerson
121 Ryan Penfold

Production Sedans (21)
WA1 Barry Rose
2 Terry Main
3 Frank Does
7 Leticia Hamon
12 Rod musarra
13 Drew Ogle
13 Shane Dubberlin
18 Garry Sutton
20 Graeme Riley
26 Shaun Brewer
26 Robbie Trenaman
40 Beau Riley
41 Rickie Nuccini
42 Bev Brewer
51 Jamie Oldfield
71 Jake Blight
86 Wayne Leviston
87 Riley Beaumont
92 Ricky Williams
95 Kyle Sayer
199 Phil Lycholit


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