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Clayton Collects the Fortescue Festival

Photo by Ashleigh Herbert Photography

Newman local Craig Clayton has taken out the 2017 Fortescue Festival race meeting for Production Sedans at Hillview Speedway on Saturday Night.

Clayton defeated Dennis Moyle and Port Hedland’s Matthew Peaker in the twenty five lap feature which saw a great battle for the lead throughout the duration of the event.

Dennis Moyle charged through the field in the early stages of the main event after starting from the fourth row.

Moyle was forced to start from the rear of the field in the feature race after sustaining heavy damage to his Holden Commodore in the second heat race of the night after contact with another car.

With eight laps completed the first stoppage of the feature race occurred when Matthew Peaker and Daniel Flavel made contact with Peaker spinning to the infield. Flavel would be sent rear of the field for the restart with Peaker working his way past Moyle for second.

Peaker ran wide in the concluding stages with Moyle moving back into second with the leading trio having a big lead over the remainder of the field.

Moyle tried everything in his power to find a way past Clayton in the last few laps with the locals finishing first and second in their home club’s major blue ribbon event. Daniel Flavel charged home into fourth place in the concluding stages almost finding a way past Peaker on the final lap.

The next major event for Production Sedans at the Hillview Speedway will be the Ash Page Memorial to be held on Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th November 2017.

Official Results

Heat One- Eight Laps: 1. 28 Dennis Moyle, 2. 35 Craig Clayton, 3. 13 Bernie Matkovich, 4. 47 Michael Gronow, 5. 8 Matthew Peaker, 6. 114 Daniel Flavel, 7. 25 Dwayne Meagher, 8. 19 Keiran Humphreys

Heat Two- Eight Laps: 1. 8 Matthew Peaker, 2. 35 Craig Clayton, 3. 114 Daniel Flavel, 4. 25 Dwayne Meagher, 5. 19 Keiran Humphreys, 6. 47 Michael Gronow, DNF W13 Bernie Matkovich, 28 Dennis Moyle

Heat Three- Eight Laps: 1. 114 Daniel Flavel, 2. 35 Craig Clayton, 3. 8 Matthew Peaker, 4. 13 Bernie Matkovich, 5. 25 Dwayne Meagher, DNS 28 Dennis Moyle, 47 Michael Gronow, 19 Keiran Humphreys

Feature Race- Twenty Five Laps: 1. 35 Craig Clayton, 2. 28 Dennis Moyle, 3. 8 Matthew Peaker, 4. 114 Daniel Flavel, 5. 19 Keiran Humphreys, DNF 13 Bernie Matkovich (24), 47 Michael Gronow (12), DNS 25 Dwayne Meagher

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