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Herbert Wins Dramatic Collie Championship

Peter Herbert has won a dramatic Thomson’s Auto Parts Collie Street Stock Championships against a very strong field on Saturday Night.

Acting as a prelude to the upcoming WA Street Stock Title to be held at the same venue in just over a months time, the Collie Street Stock Championships saw over twenty cars to do battle throughout the night.

Current Western Australian Street Stock Champion Hayden Norman and former National Champion Mick Hamon suffered mechanical issues early in the night and took no part in the main event.

Ethan Genev lead opening three laps of the feature race before Paul Briggs rolled heavily at the end of the back straight with his Ford Falcon sustaining substantial damage. Bradley Roberts was disqualified from the race at this point with Genev then retiring from the lead on lap five with a flat tyre.

Barry Rewell assumed the lead until lap ten when both himself and second placed Paul Joss retired to the infield.

Barry Rewell

The two Thomson’s Wayne and Damon assumed control of the race before Wayne Thomson retired with broken steering with Cody Avins also loosing his bonnet on lap sixteen.

Peter Herbert & Jack Favero started to pressure the new race leader Damon Thomson shortly after the restart with Favero retiring on lap eighteen with mechanical issues.

Herbert found a way past Thomson in the concluding stages going on to win comfortably in the end from Thomson and Brodie Dunn.

Beau Riley dominated the Production Sedan racing on the night with Nathan Carter and Tobi Gunson undefeated in their respective Junior Sedan divisions.

The Make Smoking History Collie Speedway is back in action on Saturday 22nd December 2018 for their annual Christmas Cup which will feature the WA Modified Sedan Series.

Official Result

Feature Race, Thirty Laps: 1. W41 Peter Herbert, 2. W10 Damon Thomson, 3. W44 Brodie Dunn, 4. W27 Damon Lyall, 5. W9 Marty Kelly, 6. W0 Tracey Saunders (29), DNF W18 Jack Favero (18), W6 Clint Hadley (17), W15 Wayne Thomson (16), W3 Barry Rewell (10), W69 Paul Joss (10), W17 Josh Martinelli (8) W4 Ethan Genev (4), W12 Paul Briggs (3) DSQ W31 Cody Avins, W25 Bradley Roberts




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