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Johnson Leads after Night One in Broome

Two Time Western Australian Modified Sedan Champion Mick Johnson leads the point score after night one of the 2018 Shinju Matsuri Festival Race Meeting being held at the Broome Speedway this weekend.

The opening night saw three different winners from the three races held with the racing a very tight affair.

Carnarvon’s Blake Jackson held on to win the opening heat of the night with local Jeff Steele making a strong return to racing by winning heat two.

Johnson and defending Shinju champion Ray Clifton raced side by side for the majority of the final heat of night one with Johnson narrowly prevailing.

The Modified Sedans will have two more heat races on night two ahead of their feature race with the racing getting underway at 5pm.

Pointscore after Night One

1.32 Mick Johnson 87
2.73 Ray Clifton 73
3.91 Jeff Steele 67
4.41 Blake Jackson 62
5.56 Sandy Macpherson 53
6.45 Steve Lockhart 37
7.78 Shayne Doust 26

Official Results

Heat One- Eight Laps:  1. W41 Blake Jackson, 2. W32 Mick Johnson, 3. W91 Jeff Steele, 4. W73 Ray Clifton, 5. W56 Sandy Macpherson, 6. W45 Steve Lockhart, 7. W78 Shayne Doust

Heat Two- Eight Laps: 1. W91 Jeff Steele, 2. W73 Ray Clifton, 3. W32 Mick Johnson, 4. W56 Sandy Macpherson, 5. W41 Blake Jackson, 6. W45 Steve Lockhart, 7. W78 Shayne Doust

Heat Three- Eight Laps: 1. W32 Mick Johnson, 2. W73 Ray Clifton, 3. W56 Sandy Macpherson, 4. W45 Steve Lockhart, 5. W41 Blake Jackson, 6. W78 Shayne Doust, DNF W91 Jeff Steele



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