SSD Gold Cup Street Stocks

Kempton Leads Heading Into Final Round

Carnarvon’s Jace Kempton has a comfortable lead in the 2018 Novus Glass Carnarvon Speedway Sedan Digest Street Stock Gold Cup Series heading into the final round to be held at Ellenbrook Speedway in a fortnight’s time.

Kempton won the last round of the series held at Pithara Speedway and has been consistent throughout the entirety of the winter season.

Kalgoorlie’s Jack Barnewall can still mathematically win the series but will need Kempton to have a disastrous meeting at the final round to snatch the series title.

Jack Barnewall

The final round of the 2018 Gold Cup Series will be held in conjunction with the Brian Rose Memorial to be held on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September 2018 at the Ellenbrook Speedway.

Over thirty Street Stocks have already entered the Brian Rose Memorial with seven interstate entries already confirmed.

Current Series Standings in the 2018 Novus Glass Carnarvon Speedway Sedan Digest Street Stock Gold Cup Series after four completed rounds.

1 W55 Jace Kempton 157
2 W16 Jack Barnewall 127
3 W7 Mick Hamon 71
4 W5 Scott Elson 56
5 W199 Phil Lycholit 49
6 W51 Jamie Oldfield 46
7 W81 Peter Walker 43
8 W31 Cody Avins 41
9 W89 Carl Pickersgill 38
10 W69 Paul Joss 33
11 W67 Mick Ricetti 33
12 W47 Jarrod Rick 33
13 W53 Glen Graham 29
14 W29 Kane Munro 27
15 W13 Roger Hewitt 23
16 W77 Barry Mason 23
17 W88 Wade Mason 20
18 W73 Richard Hicks 15
19 W5 Aaron Sutton 14
20 W9 Marty Kelly 13
21 W8 Dave Watson 12
22 W51 Justin Melhuish 12
23 W00 Hamish Macalpine 11
24 W85 Warren Oldfield 11
25 W66 Ben Norman 11
26 W10 Paul Norman 10
27 W44 Peter Herbert 10
28 W17 Daniel Sutton 10


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