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McDiarmid Quickest in Official Practice

Article Courtesy of Speedway Sedans WA

Bertram based Production Sedan driver Kane McDiarmid has tonight set the quickest time in official practice at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway ahead of this weekends SSWA WA Production Sedan Title.

McDiarmid recorded the fastest time of 20.365 seconds in the fifth practice session, just 0.112 seconds ahead of second quickest Rod Musarra who recorded a 20.477.

Over the twenty practice sessions the top thirteen drivers were able to break into the twenty second bracket while the top twenty seven cars were separated by less than one second.

Forty three of the fifty six drivers for the title practiced tonight, with four drivers of the original sixty cars having withdrawn.

Action begins tomorrow with the Grand Parade at 5.40pm while racing starts from 6pm. There will be a total of eighteen preliminary heats held while a further six heats and the C, B and A main finals will be held on Saturday.

Live coverage will be available all weekend, with live audio available via the SSA website, live video footage available via the Collie Speedway website, and results available on My Laps and Race Monitor as they happen, along with official results posted on the SSA Facebook page.

Overall Fastest Times
1. W31 Kane McDiarmid 20.365
2. W12 Rod Musarra 20.477
3. W3 Frank Does 20.501
4. W95 Kyle Sayer 20.561
5. WA1 Drew Ogle 20.566
6. W39 Jeff Kendall 20.694
7. W4 Richard Nelson 20.706
8. W10 Tim Green 20.847
9. W61 Ron Belfield 20.863
10. W51 Dale Cockman 20.888
11. W112 Warren Flavel 20.897
12. W21 Rick Musarra 20.934
13. W115 Jayke Malcolm 20.997
14. W2 Travis Castagna 21.022
15. W66 Peter Katona 21.035
16. W53 Leon Wood 21.044
17. W25 Darren Nelson 21.120,
18. W71 Jake Blight 21.126
19. W27 Mike Kinnear 21.166
20. W125 Rob Bawdon 21.178
21. W54 Graeme Rafferty 21.192
22. W13 Shannon Cherry 21.214
23. W22 Jamie Graham 21.225
24. W5 Matt Prunster 21.252
25. W56 Sandy MacPherson 21.266
26. W14 Alex Williams 21.337
27. W34 Alan Harper 21.357
28. W96 Jack McAuley 21.396
29. W87 Aaron McDonell 21.398
30. W99 Benny Curtin 21.423
31. W16 Kathryn Harper 21.442
32. W8 Chas Skipworth 21.491
33. W91 Damon Gherardi 21.537
34. W41 Rickie Nuccini 21.581
35. W44 Laura Byrnes 21.584
36. W40 Beau Riley 21.598
37. W113 Jordan McGinnis 21.699
38. W15 Craig Lenane 21.781
39. W58 Jayden McCuish 21.827
40. W36 Joe Wilson 21.932
41. W26 Shaun Brewer 21.983
42. W20 Graeme Riley 22.063
43. W33 Sean Oldham 22.180

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