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Miller Leads After Opening Night of the National Super Sedan Title

Article Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Australia

South Australian, Michael Miller, is the leader of the Speedway Sedans Australia, National Super Sedan Title, after a very eventful opening night at Attwell Park, before a big holiday crowd.

Miller holds an eight point lead over his team mate, Ryan Alexander, while newly crown West Australian Champion, Matt Pascoe sits in third place, eight points clear of Victorian Ash Bergmeier.    All four of them will fight out the final heat of the title on Sunday night, in what should be a thrilling pre-cursor to the main event.

It would not be plain sailing for many on a dramatic night of racing, with the first heat not even half a lap old when Ash Bergmeier and Peter Wallinger became entangled, forcing a complete re-start.  A crash on the formation lap would again bring on the yellow lights and would ultimately see the end of Peter Wallinger from the opening heat before a lap was completed.  When the race did get underway, Mick Nicola would lead throughout, winning comfortably from Gary Higgs and Ash Bergmeier.

Heat two, could continue the drama filled opening round, when contact on the initial start would see Callum Harper spin on the back straight, and due to subsequent damage, the National Title holder would be forced to watch the remainder of the race from the infield.  Kevin Bell, would also have issues, with his car stalling, and was not able to restart.  What followed would be a race of high speed precision driving by former National Champion, Kodee Brown, who along with Phil Barton and Dean Shore, lapped the remainder of the field.  Brown would break the twelve lap record in the process, lowering the time to 3.15.032.

Heat three would have one stoppage for Damon Trouchet, who stopped in the main straight up against the fence.  Once the race resumed, an excellent battle ensued between Dave Gartner, Phil Barton and Dustin Higgs for second place, as Matt Pascoe cruised to victory by more than five seconds.

A three car pile-up in turn three would have disastrous consequences for Darren Kane, who damaged an oil tank in the crash which also involved Glenn Smith and Steve Larson.  Warren Minshull would lead early, but within two laps, Michael Miller passed both Chris Pavlovich and Minshull to take the lead and from there Miller drove away from the field.  Placings would remain unchanged until the very end, until Lachlan Onley passed Chris Pavlovich on the line to take third, only to be relegated a position by the stewards for contact.

Dustin Higgs would lead all the way in heat five, proving too strong for the opposition, recording a popular victory.  Matt Pascoe and Mick Nicola would fill the minor placings.

The drama continued in heat six, but not until after a great race between Phil Barton and Kodee Brown, who both drove brilliantly with Brown trying everything to pass his fellow Broome competitor.  The duo had both dispensed with the opposition including Lachlan Onley and Callum Harper who were also engaged in a good battle for third.   In the concluding stages, Brown started to slow, as Barton continued at break-neck speed.  Despite finishing second, it would be revealed Brown had blown an engine and would be out of the title.

Michael Miller would thrash the opposition in heat seven, winning by more than half a lap.  Nathan Masson would be second throughout until Warren Minshull passed Masson on the final lap, after Minshull started at the back of the field.

Millers victory was replicated in heat eight, with Ryan Alexander not only winning by more than ten seconds, he did it after starting from position six.  Ash Bergmeier and Damon Trouchet, who started on the front row would fill the minor placings, as Alexander totally dominated.

Darren Kane repaired his car from the round one mishap, but admitted he wanted to take it easy to ensure he did no damage to the engine.  He also admitted he couldn’t go to easy as he would have Callum Harper starting behind him.  What unfolded next would not be forgotten by the big crowd in attendance, as Kane lapped all but Callum Harper, who finished more than half a lap behind Kane.   Kane would also set the quickest lap of the night, with a 15.810 second lap.

Heat ten would see Michael Miller win again, this time by nearly half a lap, leaving the remainder of the field to fight for second place.  Lee Aylett did a tremendous job to hold off the challengers from his more experienced counter-parts, with Damon Trouchet and Michael Nicola finishing third and fourth respectively.

The penultimate heat of the night, would have more drama, with a great race unfolding until the leader of the race, Dustin Higgs rolled over in turn four. After a lengthy delay, the race of the night unfolded with Lucas Roberts, Matt Pascoe and Ash Bergmeier fighting for the lead, running three wide in the concluding stages, leaving Dave Gartner and Phil Barton no room to pass.   In a blanket finish, 1.518 seconds separated the top five drivers, with Roberts holding off the desperate charge to the line by Bergmeier by 0.207, while Pascoe was only 0.433 off winning the race himself.

The final heat would see Ryan Alexander copy what he did in heat seven, winning by a significant margin as he easily accounted for Dean Shore and Gary Higgs.


1. S47 Michael MIller 108
2. S36 Ryan Alexander 100
3. Q15 Mat Pascoe 87
4. V16 Ash Bergmeier 79
5. W7 Warren Minshull 79
6. V3 Mick Nicola 76
7. W36 Phil Barton 72
8. W82 Gary Higgs 68
9. W77 Kodee Brown 64
10. S8 Dave Gartner 62
11. V0 Lucas Roberts 62
12. W81 Dustin Higgs 58
13. W8 Chris Pavlovich 57
14. W3 Damon Trouchet 54
15. Q36 Darren Kane 51
16. W34 Dean Shore 51
17. W99 Lee Aylett 51
18. A1 Callum Harper 50
19. N17 Lachlan Onley 50
20. W69 Nathan Masson 44
21. W53 Ryan Gunson 40
22. W76 Terry Green 38
23. W10 Kyle Larson 36
24. W6 Tristan Green 33
25. W5 Kevin Bell 28
26. W30 Peter Wallinger 28
27. W72 Paul Oakley 27
28. W33 Glenn Smith 26
29. W63 Tony St Jack 24
30. W2 Ken Reid 24
31. W9 Kemble Aylett 20
32. W4 Bert Vosbergen 15
33. W12 Jarrin Bielby 14
34. W96 Steve Larson 14
35. W68 Rob Knox 8

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