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Musarra Makes It Five

Article by DTN Media, Photos by Peter Roebuck

Rod Musarra has today grabbed his fifth Production Sedan Classic win at Ellenbrook Speedway as he outraced a strong field of well over thirty competitors in a big days racing.

Musarra would start on the front row alongside WA Production Sedan Champion Drew Ogle who went through the heat races undefeated to be the high point’s man.

As the field went green for the first time, all twenty three drivers went hard, with Ogle getting the jump.  Shortly after Rod Musarra would pull alongside Ogle but it would amount to naught as the race went yellow for the first time, for a spun Travis Castagna on the back straight after contact with Warren Flavel who was subsequently sent rear.

Rose and Norman

The second attempt was much the same, this time though Rod Musarra would get the jump until a spinner in the back half of the field created chaos, cars going every which way and resulting in Tim Maughan and Kim Smith unable to rejoin for the ensuring restart while Coby Stevens was sent rear.

As the field lined up former National Champion Tim Green also went infield with a flat left rear tyre.

Just as it looked like it would be third time lucky, Martin Devries ended up facing the wrong way in turn four, with a few more cars piling in to bring out the third yellow light of the race that was not yet even one lap old.

Rick Musarra and Jamie Oldfield came together on the fourth attempt at a start, and despite the duo both continuing, just half a lap later Devries, Bruce Bell, Garry Sutton and a few other cars came together in turn three to again bring out the yellow lights.

Production Sedans Start Their Main Event

The fifth attempt finally saw us underway saw the lead four cars go four wide, with Rod Musarra just leading the first lap ahead of Ogle while Rick Musarra and Oldfield were just behind them.

Oldfield tucked himself under Rick Musarra and grabbed third while Ogle attempted to do the same ahead of him and look under Rod Musarra, but wasn’t quite as successful, having to settle into second place.

With four laps complete Oldfield began to slow and looked to be about to head infield before he picked up the pace again and rejoined in tenth place.

Up front and Ogle continued to pile the pressure on Rod Musarra as the leading duo began to pull away from third placed Rick Musarra who was holding off Barry Rose and Travis Castagna. Just as the race got halfway along though, Castagna made contact with Rose that saw Rose spin in the back straight to bring out the yellows for the first time since the race got underway. Castagna was sent rear while Rose was reinstated in fourth for the restart.

Rick Musarra began to flex his muscles on the restart, getting underneath Ogle and being just 0.023 seconds behind as they crossed the line. Rose, running just behind them, found a gap under the two and ducked under both for second place, while Hayden Norman then put the pressure on Rick Musarra for fourth.

Rose then set his sights on Rod Musarra, Ogle right behind as the top three pulled away in a three car war. The trio fought tooth and nail as they battled for supremacy, then with just three laps remaining the yellows lights came out once again, this time for an ailing Mike Kinnear, who went up in smoke coming down the front straight.

On the restart Rick Musarra was forced infield with mechanical issues, while Rose ended up spinning in turn one after the cars attempted to go green under yellow lights. Once the order was sorted, Rod Musarra would lead away Rose and Ogle once again while Hayden Norman, who started fifteenth, would be in fourth place.

The final few laps looked to be a lung buster until contact between Frank Does and Jamie Oldfield saw Oldfield facing the wrong way in turn three with just two laps to go, to set up a green, white chequer finish. Oldfield would restart in fifth place while Does was sent rear for what was the final stanza.

Musarra went ever so slightly high, Rose went underneath and drew alongside, but couldn’t quite get the move done, so moved outside which allowed Ogle to draw even on Rose’s inside. As Rose and Ogle battled, Musarra pulled away and went on to win his fourth Production Sedan classic in a row, his fifth overall.

Musarra, Rose & Ogle

Rose went very high in the final corner and Ogle ducked underneath to grab second place on the line while Rose held on for fourth ahead of Norman and Jamie Oldfield to round out the top five.

Courtesy of these finishing positions, Barry Rose was able to hold on and win the Production Sedan Four Crowns Series ahead of Benny Curtin and Drew Ogle.

There were a  number of stoppages throughout the day, with the biggest issues being Brad Mitchell who collected the back straight wall hard and John Castagna who rolled over heavily in turn one before catching on fire. Both drivers emerged unhurt but their days were over.

Production Sedan Feature Result – 20 laps: 1. W12 Rod Musarra, 2. WA1 Drew Ogle, 3. W181 Barry Rose, 4. W53 Hayden Norman, 5. W51 Jamie Oldfield, 6. W6 Paul Stevens, 7. W99 Benny Curtin, 8. W98 Jayden Maughan, 9. W18 Garry Sutton, 10. W17 Darren Johnson, 11. W3 Frank Does, 12. W28 Martin Devries, 13. W7 Coby Stevens. DNF: W40 Beau Riley (17), W21 Rick Musarra (17), W27 Mike Kinnear (17), W88 Bruce Bell (13), W32 Travis Castagna (10), W112 Warren Flavel (8), W94 Brett Hull (0), W13 Tim Green (0), W33 Kim Smith (0), W19 Tim Maughan (0). DNS: W86 Wayne Leviston. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.714. Fastest Lap: 23.056 W181 Barry Rose.

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