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National Junior Sedan Title Field Released

Article Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Australia

Speedway Sedans Australia have today released the final nominations for the Speedway Sedans Australia, One Realty Maryborough, National Junior Sedan Title, with 82 drivers entered, with entries from every State and the Northern Territory, the first time in history that it has happened.

The seventeenth National Title will be the third time the title has been held in Queensland, with Maryborough hosting the event for a second time, previously having held it in 2007, when South Australian and West Australian drivers were dominant. The event will be held on Saturday 12 January 2019 and Sunday 13 January 2019.

Since that time though, Queensland drivers have won five titles and Victorians four, with defending Champion, Ardie Jonic of Queensland having finished on the podium in the last three events. The most successful Junior Sedan driver in history, recently won his second South Australian Title and the eighth of his career.

Jonic will be one of fifty Queensland drivers in the field, with eleven drivers representing Victoria, eight drivers will travel from South Australia, five drivers will cross the Northern border from New South Wales, three drivers will travel from the Northern Territory, with three drivers coming all the way from Tasmania for the event. Western Australia will have just two representatives in the field, making up the 82 entrants.

West Australian Champion, and former National Champion, Todd Atkins from Victoria, along with Northern Territory Champion, Casey OConnell from Queensland are also in the field, with OConnell having finished third in last years event

Official Nominations (Roof Number Order).

A1 Ardie Jonic QLD
Q2 Charlotte Christensen (22) QLD
Q3 Chloe Lebeter QLD
Q4 Kipp Barron QLD
V5 Ben Micallef VIC
Q6 Zachary Maxwell QLD
Q7 Jayden Hancock QLD
Q8 James Ryan QLD
Q9 Tristan Lowther QLD
Q10 Bodhi Russ QLD
Q11 Kurtis Peall QLD
Q12 Damon Musch QLD
Q14 Jaiden Torrisi QLD
Q15 Kodie Hoffman QLD
Q16 Harrison Bates QLD
Q17 Cooper Reid QLD
Q18 Bryce Bayfield QLD
Q19 JJ Hamilton QLD
Q22 Mason Cameron QLD
Q24 Shay Barron QLD
Q25 Allira Deen (28) QLD
W26 Jasmine Arnold WA
Q27 Josh Rigby QLD
NT28 Lachlan Spilsbury NT
Q29 Billy MacDonald QLD
Q32 Kaine Richters QLD
Q33 Joshua Ciesiolka QLD
S34 Chelsea Gwynne (24) SA
Q36 Sophie Montgomerie QLD
V37 Todd Atkins (17) VIC
T38 Jayden Triffett TAS
Q39 Kayden Swindells QLD
Q42 Ryan Schultz (43) QLD
Q43 Erik Wallace QLD
Q44 Ashleigh Moller QLD
S45 Thomas Richter (4) SA
V46 Jye Irving VIC
T47 Paige Allison (46) TAS
N48 Ryan Harris NSW
S49 Brad Gartner (19) SA
Q51 Harry Doyle QLD
Q52 Tristan Knowles (12) QLD
Q53 Jordann Hardy QLD
V54 Jeremy Gorski (24) VIC
Q55 Brandyn Thomas QLD
S56 Corey Richter (16) SA
N57 Jaiden Santin (17) NSW
V58 Darcy Wilson (5) VIC
V62 Kasey Garlick VIC
Q64 Braydon Storer (14) QLD
Q66 Bre Larsen (16) QLD
T67 Brodie Kelly (69) TAS
Q68 Olivia Muscat QLD
Q69 Linkin Huth QLD
N71 Zac Brims NSW
Q72 Braith Hogan QLD
Q73 Kaitlyn Field QLD
Q74 Ellie Peacock QLD
Q75 Teah Daley (7) QLD
V76 Darcy Micallef (7) VIC
N77 Hayden Brims NSW
S78 Aaron Tranter SA
Q79 Mitch Simmons (77) QLD
Q81 Mitchell Wogandt QLD
S82 Max Richter (12) SA
Q83 Dakota Laverty (8) QLD
V84 Courtney Meakins VIC
V85 Rhys Meakins VIC
V86 Mitch Glynn (8) VIC
S87 Sam Gartner (17) SA
N88 Lachlan Harris NSW
NT89 Shane Greening (8) NT
Q91 Riley Coutts (90) QLD
Q92 Brodie Hollyman (12) QLD
V94 Todd Moule (14) VIC
Q97 Bailey Barnicoat (17) QLD
Q98 Michael Larsen (8) QLD
Q99 Jackson Thomas QLD
W108 Blake Webb WA
S112 Drew Flatman SA
NT114 Michael Jones (14) NT
Q148 Casey Oconnell QLD


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