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Oldfield & Norman Win a Thriller at Kellerberrin

Article by Scott Beattie, Photos by Blake Jones & Peter Roebuck

Hayden Norman and Jamie Oldfield have today paired up at the Kellerberrin Speedway and come away with the hard fought victory in the Production Sedan 20/20 race.

Sixteen pairings started the day, with twelve cars starting the first twenty lap stanza of the feature race. A number of cars would touch through the opening turns and the first yellow lights would come on with the Jayke Malcolm/Jordan McGinnis car coming to a stop, driven by McGinnis.

The Blight team car being driven by Darren would lead away the Oldfield/Norman team , piloted in the first stanza by Norman, and Barry Rose piloting his car ahead of teammate Nuno Mendes on the restart. They would be chased hard by Gavin Connelly piloting Rod Musarra’s car and the blue A1 machine piloted by Joe Wilson ahead of Australian Champion Joel Berkley taking the wheel.

Blight would build a gap on the rest of the field with Norman and Rose picking up their battle from a few weeks previous at the same venue and going side by side for the next few laps.

The Brayden Hobbs machine would move through into fifth and pressure Connelly, eventually moving through for fourth.
Rose moved away from Norman and set about closing the gap on the Blight machine which he was doing at a rate of knots until all of a sudden Blight headed infield, leaving Rose the leader from Norman and Hobbs.

Lapped traffic would then come into play, seriously inconveniencing Rose on a number of occasions and allowing Norman to close the gap.

This would continue for a number of laps before the yellows cane on for Adam Dawson who spun and hit an infield tractor tyre very heavily. This would also mark the end of the first twenty laps, with the driver change taking place.
The race resumed with the second drivers; Mendes leading away as Jamie Oldfield went high and dropped back while Musarra made his moves and grabbed second before also dropping back and allowing Oldfield back into second.
All of a sudden it was a battle between the top three, Mendes, Oldfield and Musarra all locked together with Australian champion Berkley lurking behind them.
Oldfield again went high and allowed a few cars through before the yellows came on for Jayke Malcolm who spun in turn four.

Upon the resumption Mendes again led away Musarra while Oldfield quickly worked past Berkley to retake third place and set out after Musarra. A few laps later he would then use the low line to take second and begin to look for a way by Mendes.

What ensued was an epic battle, cars going three wise, Jacky Moroney also getting involved in a five car battle before Berkeley retired to the pits, but Moroney unlucky to have had his car go a lap down in the first stanza despite racing towards the front in the second half.

The white flag would fly with Oldfield throwing everything at Mendes in the final turns and then going high in the final corner to draw alongside Mendes and then go very wide, Oldfield stealing the win for himself and Norman on the line by just 0.068 seconds.

Mendes and Rose would come home second followed by the Musarra and Connelly pairing.
Also on the program was Street Stocks with James Westerman taking the win while Kayne Dellar and Cam Aldrick took the wins in the Top Star and New Star Junior Sedan feature races respectively.

Feature, 40 laps: 1. W6 Hayden Norman/Jamie Oldfield, 2. W181 Barry Rose/Nuno Mendes, 3. W12 Rod Musarra/Gavin Connelly, 4. W522 Brayden Hobbs/Trevor Pascoe, 5. W8 Grant Hutchins/Tom Hooper, 6. W78 Jacky Moroney/David Mackie (39), 7. W23 Jayke Malcolm/Jordan McGinnis (39), 8. W42 Bev Brewer/Robbie Williams (38). DNF: A1 Joel Berkeley/Joe Wilson (35), W39 Jayden Reeves/Adrian Reeves (19), W25 Adam Dawson/Ryan Penn (17), W61 Jake Blight/Darren Blight (10). DNS: W9 Ryan Mitchell/Brad Mitchell, W26 Shaun Brewer/Ricky Williams, W55 Murray Cleasby/Jamie Cleasby, W84 Jason Oldfield/Ethan Cooper. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.068. Fastest Lap: 19.802 W6


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