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Peter Herbert SSWA Driver of the Year

Street Stock competitor Peter Herbert has been voted by the member clubs of Speedway Sedans Western Australia as the 2016/2017 Driver of the Year at the SSWA AGM held on Sunday afternoon in the club rooms of the RDA of WA in Ellenbrook.

Herbert had a fantastic season winning a number of major blue ribbon events across the state and finished fourth place in the WA Street Stock State Title held at Ellenbrook Speedway in March.

Peter Herbert

Long time Mount Barker Speedway club secretary Sandra Perry was awarded the Julie Green Memorial Dedication Award after many decades of hard work for her home club and neighbouring speedway venues.

The majority of the Speedway Clubs in Western Australia were represented at the SSWA AGM on Sunday with lots of positive discussions had.

John Purser after ten years as the Speedway Sedans Western Australia President stood down from his position and was thanked for his long service to the Association. Purser will continue to be involved in the sport as a scrutineer at State Titles.

Speedway Sedans Western Australia Chief Steward Jerome Sutton has taken over the President’s role from Purser.

Sutton outlined plans for Speedway venues around the State to tender for a 50th Anniversary celebration of Speedway Sedans Australia race meeting to be held late in 2018.

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