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Rain Brings An Early Ending to Ellenbrook Event

Article by Scott Beattie

The weather in Perth this weekend has been a constant battle for the crew at Ellenbrook Speedway and despite getting most of the day done, the rain set in with just two of the planned feature races completed.

In the Street Stock feature Ben Norman led until he went wide and allowed Carl Pickersgill through for the lead before Norman went back by. Pickersgill kept working his way underneath and a few laps later, just as he went to take the lead, spun in turn two to bring on the yellows with five laps complete.

The restart would see Hayden Norman elevated into second place and Hayden pressured his younger brother for a number of laps as the race went green again, the former WA Champion then taking the lead on lap thirteen and never looking back, pulling away from Carl Pickersgill and Warren Oldfield who rounded out the podium.

In the Production Sedans feature Warren Flavel got the initial start and lead John Castagna as Josh Fraser chased hard. The top two pulled away as Jayke Malcolm made the big moves to pass Fraser and grab third but as he looked to pass Castagna he clipped the infield berm and half spun, got slightly bogged and lost two positions.

At the halfway distance the yellows came on for a stranded Ryan Mitchell, while on the restart a group of cars looked to pass Flavel, with Castagna, Fraser, Malcolm and Wood all in close quarters. Unfortunately it only lasted for three more laps until the rain set in and the race was declared, with Flavel declared the winner from Castagna and Malcolm.

This would also bring the event to a close before the Top Star and New Star Junior Sedan features, as well as the novelty ladies/mechanical races to an early close. The next meeting at Ellenbrook Speedway will be the 2st of July.


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