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Sandy Claims His Dad’s Memorial Race

Information courtesy of Jerome Sutton
Sandy Macpherson has claimed the victory in the annual emorial all in twenty five lap feature race held at the Port Hedland Speedway on Saturday Night.
The race that is held every September at the Pilbara venue in honour of long time club members Dave Macpherson, Harry Jones and Col Hardinge saw a great field of Production Sedans, Street Stocks and Modified Sedans do battle.
Production Sedans started half a lap behind the Street Stocks with the Modified Sedans starting one lap down with Leanne Couper’s stricken Holden Commodore bringing on the yellows on the opening lap before Lourens Lamprecht hit the wall in turn four.
Daniel Oreo lead the early laps of the race from Stevie O’Dowd and Alan Veldkamp with the first of the Production Sedans Jack McAuley closing on the leaders.
The yellow lights came on again on lap eight due to debris on the track with the Modified Sedans of Macpherson and Lockhart moving through the field.
O’Dowd would be the cause of the stoppage with eight laps remaining with Macpherson hitting the front not long after the restart.
Daniel Oreo’s strong run came to an end with three laps remaining due to a steering failure with Graeme Rafferty tangling with the spinning Oreo.
Sandy Macpherson held on to win the race that honour’s his late Father Dave with Steve Lockhart finding a way past Jack McAuley for second place.
In the other feature races held on the second night of competition Chevy Francis collected the victory in the New Stars Feature Race with Broome’s Riley Dunne successful in the Top Stars. Karratha pair Stevie O’Dowd and Jack McAuley won the Street Stock and Production Sedan Feature Races respectively with Sandy Macpherson claiming the Modified Sedan main event.
Official Result Dave Macpherson, Col Hardinge, Harry Jones Memorial Race
Twenty Five Laps- 1. 56 Sandy Macpherson, 2. 45 Steve Lockhart, 3. 96 Jack McAuley, 4. 31 Alan Veldkamp, 5. 114 Daniel Flavel, 6. 19 Stevie O’Dowd, 7. 48 Jim Dixon (24), 8. 13 Bernie Matkovich (23), DNF 72 Daniel Oreo (22), 64 Liam Mackenzie (22), 54 Graeme Rafferty (22), 62 Mick Roberts (16), 99 Ben Curtin (8), 25 Dwayne Meagher (8), 95 Lourens Lamprecht (0), 41 Leanne Couper (0)


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