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Article Courtesy of Scott Beattie

Shane Whild has on Sunday night claimed a strong win in the Street Stock Stampede at his home track, Manjimup Speedway, with the new track surface proving conducive to some excellent racing.

Although numbers were down slightly for the tracks blue ribbon event across the two days, the standard of racing was excellent, with Whild claiming one heat win and some other consistent results to start on pole for the fifteen lap final alongside Clint Hadley.

As the race went green Whild simply shot off into the distance and was never headed, setting the quick lap on his eighth circulation, leading every lap and going on to take the win in the nonstop feature event.

Clint Hadley and Jack Favero had a race long battle for second and third, with Hadley just coming out on top, while Daniel Stanley was the only other car to finish on the lead lap in fourth.

Trevor Dace, Tim Matthews and Brendan Fagan rounded out the finishers, with three cars unable to take the green flag.

Ben Ridley did not return after night one, while Cody Avins did a piston in his engine in his final heat, his second in two meetings, seeing him unable to start the feature. David Fall, who was slated to start out of position four for the final, also had a horror night, with brake failure seeing him launch into the bushes in the pits, before also damaging a piston in his final heat and failing to make the final.

Feature, 15 laps: 1. W2 Shane Whild, 2. W16 Clint Hadley, 3. W18 Jack Favero, 4. W10 David Fall, 5. W8 Daniel Stanley, 6. W38 Trevor Dace, 7. W24 Tim Matthews, 8. W26 Brendan Fagan, 9. W31 Cody Avins, 10. W19 Ben Ridley. 

1. W2 Shane Whild, 2. W16 Clint Hadley, 3. W18 Jack Favero, 4. W8 Daniel Stanley, 5. W38 Trevor Dace (14), 6. W24 Tim Matthews (14), 7. W26 Brendan Fagan (11). DNS: W10 David Fall, W19 Ben Ridley, W31 Cody Avins. Total Time: 5.29.877. Winning Margin: 8.969. Fastest Lap: 21.604 Shane Whild.


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